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About us

Trumont Industrial Supply is committed to providing value-priced industrial products & services that offer effective solutions for the many needs of our customers nationwide.
Trumont Supply specializes in hard-to-find industrial products, and through our supplier relationships provide our customers with access to a large range of products, services and technical support. Trumont Supply has solid relationships with industry-leading suppliers. Through our integrated supply chain, we can provide access to more products for direct shipment virtually anywhere in the world.
We strive to simplify your purchase decisions and save time for our customers. We realize that searching around for the right product(s) can be time-consuming and costly. Here at Trumont, we offer value-priced products. There are no hidden fees - what you see is what you pay.

Trumont Industrial Supply is not affiliated or connected in any way to Hayward Industrial Products/ Hayward Flow Controls.